Face plate Std. -Stainless steel hairline.
Opt. -Black stainless steel.
Display Std. -Smoky gray acrylic.
Direction and position in indicator Std. -Seven segment in red of green.
Opt. -Dot matrix scrolling .
Call indicator


-Micro stroke click buttons with stainless steel label.
Response light Std. -LED, Red when illuminated.
Opt. Other Color.

New anti skid, stud type PVC flooring is now made available for improve looks and functionality. Available in 4 different shades, you have the option to chose the one that would best match the overall color scheme

Automatically takes over from the main controller and pilots the Lift to the nearest landing, enabling safe exit of passenger
- In coming power status sense.
- Elevators status sense.
- Support auto/manual doors.
- All safeties passenger interface.
- Programmable rescue pattern.