We ask thee that we may live our lives without dishonour to ourselves or hurt to others.

That we be delivered from fear and favour, from mean hopes and cheap pleasures.

We ask that we may be pardoned for our weaknesses, and that we may not lose courage but be given strength to overcome our faults.

May we be straightforward in everything we say and do. and never bear malice towards others.

Noble Elevators Manifesto

Today is beautiful day, a perfect day to say goodbye to old ways of doing things.

I feel so alive & life is great.

I have unlimited potential to realize the vision of my organization & live up to the core values.

I will work hard towards my noble success multiplication strategy sheet & plan exactly what am I supposed to do every year, every quarter, every month & every week of my life.

I would take my eyes of my watch and watch with my eyes.

I would do less correcting and more connecting.

I will work towards being the best leader with whom people enjoy working & take my organization to the next level.

From today onwards, I will follow everything taught to me at noble elevators with full conviction and dedication.

I hereby abide to work hard with complete dedication and Commitment and promise to build a success Story for myself & my organization.

It Matters not whether my post is big or small I surrender myself to noble elevator and from this day forth, I will cherish it all.


"To be energy prudent and to help in moving people safely to the pinnacle of their life & towards fulfilment of their aspiration."


Safety for all.

Service to the customer above all else.


Employee opportunities.

Relationship for life.


Safety For All.

-Safety begins with self.

-Always be "Aware" about your surroundings.

-Do all your activities with complete awareness.

-Practice safety norms religiously.

-Remember to have belief in safety in all aspects. It will give you confidence & trust through which you can do wonders for others & yourself.

Service To The Customer Above All.

-Always respond quickly, even if resolution takes time acknowledge recognize, resolve. Be proactive and accountable.

-Give top priority to service to the customer and complete with persistence.

-Have courage to own up mistake & correct.

-Influence others to give service to the customer by bringing alternative thinking & change in his belief.


-Be a contrarian to say a strict "No" to conventional thinking.

-Everything around us is changing in speed so be restless about the need & speed of change.

-Be it product, Service or self, Make positive changes in speed.

-Understand, accept, believe & implement with speed.

Employee Opportunities.

-To guide employee to align themself to the expectation of the organization there by contributing to the development of self and the organization.

-Inspire employee to improve their knowledge, attitude, skills, habits & strategies.

-To have qualities that make person professional rather than someone who is simply professionally qualified.

Relationship For Life.

-Have a strategic outlook to everything including relationship.

-Be one with parivaar interest. Consciously practice and enjoy "Surrender" to the parivaar.

-Think of what you can do to "add life" to the relationship everyday.

-Treat each one as your family member, remember its love that builds the parivaar.


To become the elevator company most known for changing India wide quality standards of local products and services in line with international standards and having operation across India with turnover of 1500 crore by 2035.


By 2021 noble elevators will be the most service friendly company perfectly blended with brilliant minds dedicated hearts and talents to create a mechanism driven organization

Noble elevators will encourage every employee to work in the areas of their distinct forte thus making Noble a "Great place to work".

Noble elevators will have one "PROFESSIONAL" head for each department.

Noble elevators employee will focus more on contribution than on competition.

Noble elevators employee will abolish fear, demand attention and dream of perfection.

Noble elevators will always encourage employee to work in manner to make company bigger, better and faster.

Noble elevators will have its own lift testing tower and a skill development centre.

Noble elevators will be known as a company to last.